Dr Stephen NaghdiProjects Gods and BrainchipsThe official website of Dr. Stephen Naghdi, MD-MA Projects Gods and Brainchips shows and tells, uniquely and originally, about extremely much: White House administration crimes throughout 1955-2013, God, religions, science, spirituality, spirit, spirits, soul, faith, mystics, spiritual interaction, prayer, heaven, afterlife, Christianity, Jesus Christ, Islam, Mohammed, Buddhism, Buddha, Hinduism, every other world religion, every spirituality in the world, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, certain Hollywood stars, Conan O’Brien, the Nobel prize, DNA, biochemistry, world history from 1949-2013, August 19 as a day that changed civilization, complete resolution of the Bay of Pigs, remote viewing, consciousness, military, intelligence, philosophy, America as a great country, and American democracy and political issues.

Projects Gods and Brainchips shows and tells, uniquely and originally, about many well-known names: Russians including Josef Stalin, Mikail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medeved, and Americans including Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, Albert Gore, Jr., George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Warren Christopher, Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Richard Helms, and Casper Weinberger. I add William Randolph Hearst Jr. and Melvin Belli. This includes scientists Linus Pauling, Craig Venter, Melvin Calvin, Francis Crick, Andrei Sakarhov, Jose Delgado and Sigmund Freud. This includes current scientists about religion Francis S. Collins, Sharon Begley, John Horgan, Richard Dawkins, and John Polkinghorne.  I add Professor Paul M. and Patricia Naghdi, Suzanne (Naghdi) Pfaffenberger and Sondra(Naghdi) Welden.

Dr. Naghdi does one-upsmanship towards many in his book and about many subjects. The book is revolutionary, ageless, and proves, logically and intuitively, the final new answer to life’s most fundamental question. This has been the most fundamental question of life throughout world history. Dr. Naghdi starts a new subject of science with fields.

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“The world today is witnessing the terminal breakup of the great materialist belief systems of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that so powerfully shaped the secular modern mind. No metaphor better encapsulates that breakup of the visionary theories and credos of nature, man, and society advanced by Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud than The Black Box. Each of the materialist faiths generated by modernity’s famous quartet of founders contained an unknown chamber of surprises, a black box that its author could not, or did not see into.

“Today the black boxes stand open. First, the intricate cell of life, which the crude optics of Darwin’s time could not penetrate, is indisputably a structure designed by intelligence. Second, the hidden component of mass killing that proved organic to Marxist revolutionary regimes. Third, the propensity of Nietzsche’s bold vision of trans-moral overmen to produce, not the aesthetic ideal, but cold totalitarian monsters. Fourth, the widespread subversion of individual moral behavior legitimized by the deluded Freudian assertion of the primacy of subconscious drives over the rational mind.

“In the early twenty-first century, our civilization looks back upon the tragic legacy of materialism: a worldview that declared God to be a human invention, the galaxies and life on Earth cosmic accidents, and morality a factor of need and situation in an aimless universe. God substitutes emerged to fill the void. Religion-hostile National Socialist and Communist party regimes assumed in the twentieth century higher moral authority to kill their unwanted subjects and alien victims on a scale unprecedented in modern history.

“In the early twenty-first century, our civilization looks back upon the tragic legacy of materialism: a worldview that declared God to be a human invention, the galaxies and life on Earth cosmic accidents, and morality a factor of need and situation in an aimless universe. God substitutes emerged to fill the void… “ (The Black Box: Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, Nickell John Romjue, Wheatmark, Inc., 2007).

Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche and Freud proved to themselves any God and also any spirituality never existed. Behaviorism included a black box for the mind. A black box isn’t a good example of the writings of these men. Black box is a way of studying a person’s mind, in the 1800′s and 1900′s. These were schools of thought of personality, learning theories, usually involving mice, rats, pigeons and other lower organisms. These men knew science would advance. It did, looking directly into the mind and body. The greatest metaphor for the work of these four men isn’t the black box. It is lack of direct science of religions.

Direct science of religion is a new way, a new scientific paradigm, of learning about the mind, body, emotions, religions, spirituality, spiritual interaction between people and more. My book explains this in simple language. Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche and Freud wrote in eras that had scientific limitations. We don’t have much of these limitations today because we have direct science of religions used to study by every government before. The world has learned directly and compared to a person’s perception, extremely more. This science is direct and far beyond the level of perception of people. It is extremely likely these four men who authored much, for example, about materialism never knew during their lives about my direct science of religions.

Materialism must prevail worldwide. Materialism has a great tradition. The world needs good, moral conduct and good, moral laws. Darwin had limitations of studying cells. Many scientists haven’t had these limitations since 1949. Direct science of religion includes looking inside directly and scientifically, conclusively proving the greatest scientific achievements in world history.

Martin Luther stood by his convictions. He proved to himself, logically and intuitively, brand new ideas about Christianity. This influenced millions and caused the Protestant Reformation. Because of King Henry VIII, the official church in England switched from Roman Catholic to Protestant.

I proved to myself any God never exists, any devil and any prophet worldwide since 1949. This was done logically and intuitively. This includes everything religious and also spiritual worldwide since 1949. Governments proved this. This could sound impossible or hard to believe. I explain this first in any form and in world history. I have complete conviction, logically and intuitively, that the world, Earth, is without anything religious and also anything spiritual for eternity of the planet. I have excellent, well-rounded qualifications to write everything on my website and in Projects Gods and Brainchips.


Galileo was right! He had to live under house arrest at his home for years. The Catholic Church refused to change for centuries. He knew much about the Holy Bible. He had this life even though he was right. This is a classic example of a large religion refusing to accept scientifically proven fact. He wasn’t helped by others much during house arrest. The largest religion in Italy, Catholicism, did this.

Projects Gods and Brainchips is how governments studied since 1949 whether religions and spiritual interaction, singing and dancing, for example, affect people. Psy is an example for learning about if a God acts and more. Governments and Dr. Stephen Naghdi proved conclusively, scientifically, any external factor, any God, any prophet, any devil, and anything spiritual never act towards anyone worldwide. This includes who the person is and what they have done and lived through. I add they proved conclusively, scientifically, people never have anything that is or could be a spirit or soul that interacts with other people.

Greatest credit goes to Soviet Head of State Josef Stalin, his Soviet Politburo, many in the US military-intelligence complex, many from China’s government, and many others in many governments. Of a few people who contributed extremely to the scientific achievement, this includes Dr. Stephen Naghdi, next Patricia Naghdi and lastly, Professor Paul M. Naghdi. These last three in good part proved scientifically, conclusively, the answer to life’s most fundamental question. They each including me, however, were never absolutely essential to the experimenting. We never participated voluntarily.

This is Patricia Naghdi and Professor Paul M. Naghdi’s contributions that have never helped them since they were deceased, 1975 and 1994, respectfully.

Many in the US military-intelligence complex and others are in fact more influential than Jesus Christ. Governments and a few others ruled out far ago that Jesus is a part of or attached to someone’s spirit. The proof is final.

April MA, licensed professional counselor, LPC, South Dakota
I am April, a licensed professional counselor, LPC, and a voracious reader. I recommend Dr. Stephen Naghdi, MD, MA’s Projects Gods and Brainchips as one of the few greatest books I read before in my life. I read every night before going to sleep, excited much looking forward to each nightly read. Every read was great. The 200-page Introduction was filled with emotionally charged, thought provoking text about God, religions and spirituality never published before in any form worldwide. The entire book lit up my life. I learned much new and good for my life from the book. I am going to recall the book if I need to or like to for life. The book helps me consider the healthy debate between creationism vs. evolution. The book helps me decide from the healthy debate if the United States of America’s Constitution should have God in it. This helps me consider the healthy debate of whether spirituality exists. I give the book the greatest bravo! I love the novel after the great Introduction, the foundation for the novel. The main character is in good health and her mother was in good health. The book taught me much about Dr. Naghdi’s new subject of science, direct science of religions. Hopefully, many will release much new in governments worldwide even if sources are undisclosed about this new subject of science and microwave influence of people. I recommend maximally Projects Gods and Brainchips for a great honor, well-deserved, book of the year worldwide for 2013.

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